What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis therapy has been used to treat many illnesses from mental to physical for thousands of years. The main goal of hypnotherapy is to make a person realize that they have full control of their life and they have the power to make changes through actions and habits. When hypnotherapy is used effectively, it is proven to help many physical and mental health issues such as lack of confidence, anxiety, stress, losing weights, quitting smoking, insomnia, phobias, and conditions. It could also be used to treat physical conditions such as asthma, pain and irritable bowel syndrome.

According to researchers, the mind plays a major role in pain management. Participants must believe the therapy and be willing to corporate it to be successful. If you are looking for hypnotherapy for any reason, you should make sure that your hypnotherapist is licensed, practitioner. They could be family counselors, psychologist, and medical doctors. Hotels Barbados offers many experienced licensed hypnotherapists.

It is worth considering hypnotherapy if you have an unsolved condition especially if these are affecting your health or daily social life. You have nothing to lose!

A friend of mine was very afraid of the dark and did not know what to do about it. He used to sleep with the lights on and the blinds open. He couldn’t stay on his own in the dark, which used to cause problems from time to time as he was a grown-up man. When he tried hypnotherapy he was completely overwhelmed and he now recommends it as a worthwhile solution.

How does it work?

The subconscious mind has unrecognized strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge, which could be the source of many problems. Our thoughts acts, and habits are stored as information. Hypnosis is a technique to access the subconscious mind aiming to change our unwanted habits and acts as well as finding solutions to our problems.

What happens during the hypnotherapy session?

The therapist’s first goal is to encourage the client to talk about their concerns and problems, building a relationship of trust between them. In the second stage, called a trance state, the client lies comfortably on a chair or sofa while the therapist talks in a slow voice to start the translations. The client may be asked to imagine something, a condition or location, for example, something like Imagine yourself in St Lucia hotel….

The length of treatments may vary from one to six sessions depending on the problem and the person.

The Many Health Benefits of Massage

Massage has been used for centuries for relaxation and stress relief. Today massage has been shown to have many health benefits beyond relaxation and stress relief. There are many type of massage and each one offers health benefits.

Treatment for Pain

Massage is an excellent treatment for pain. In 2003 a study showed massage worked better than acupuncture for relief of moderate chronic lower back pain. Patients saw a reduced need for pain relievers by 36 percent with massage. Another study showed people that suffer from migraines experienced fewer headaches and they had better quality of sleep when massage was used as a treatment. Patients with osteoarthritis knee pain saw an improvement in stiffness, knee function, and pain from Swedish massage once or twice a week.

Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

According to the Mayo Clinic, 12 studies were reviewed and these studies found that massage helped to reduce anxiety and depression. It was found massage lowers the hormone cortisol which can trigger depression and anxiety, while it increased the levels of neurotransmitters which help to reduce depression.

May Have Benefits for Other Conditions

Massage can also help cancer patients when partnered with traditional Western medicine. Massage is thought to help reduce swelling, fatigue, pain, nausea, and depression. It may also help to boost the immune system.


It is important for you to partner with your health care provider when considering massage. While it is usually safe for most people, certain people may be at risk for further injury if the proper form of massage is not administered.

Speak to your health care provider about the benefits of massage and see if they think it would be a good addition to your treatment. When partnered with traditional medicine and chiropractic treatments massage can have a positive impact on your health. Reduction of pain, depression, anxiety, and a sense of wellbeing are all some of the many benefits of massage.

Hypnotherapy For Special Reasons

Weight loss:

Hypnosis for weight loss can work very well if it is supported with a balanced diet and exercise. The technique effects people’s subconscious mind which could reduce cravings as a result of long term hypnosis sessions. The main benefit of using the hypnosis technique is the fact that most people do not gain weight back unlike other techniques which requires only diet.

Quitting smoking:

Similar to weight loss, the technique helps you to minimize the body’s craving for nicotine and reinforce these feelings of resistance over time. If you have already tried different ways to quit smoking or have tried to stop smoking without any help but without success, you should try hypnosis.

I was introduced to hypnotherapy when I was on yoga retreat holiday. There were a few people managed to quit it by hypnotherapy. I was told that the most important thing was to believe in yourself and the therapy because there is no magic way to stop craving a cigarette. It is possible to get a few trial sessions before you start payments. Sessions may cost around £100 in many places.

Anger Management:

Anger is one of the solid emotions we have which may destroy our relationships or badly affect our health if we don’t know how to control it. Think that you are on a Caribbean honeymoon with your partner but something very little ruins your holiday because you could not control your anger.

Moreover, heart attacks, high blood pressure, early aging skin are all connected to anger. Is it worth hurting your loved one? Is it worth the bad memories from your honeymoon? I think the answer would be no.

Anger is an emotion which can be handled for good use so hypnotherapy can help you convert your negative energy into something positive. The therapy will target your subconscious to find out what triggers the anger. Also, it teaches you how to stay calmer and see the things in a different light.